If you feel that a trip that does not have adrenaline does not have the same flavor, you can see here, because we also have something for your taste

Canyoning Tour

Everyone can do it and loves it! Feel the emotion of overcoming yourself.

    Pick Up & Drop Off at "Casas do Porto - Ribeira Apartments"
    Meet the top canyoning guides in Portugal.
    Relax, eat & drink with locals... what a great pause after all the adrenaline of canyoning!
    The natural beauty of the lagoons will surprise you! Jumping into it is an unforgettable sensation!

    You will be tired, but happy! This is one life time experience.

Duration: full day
Price: It depends on the number of participants

Gerês Tour

See one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal. Discover by 4x4 the most secret and unknown places and trails in Gerês.

    Pick Up at Drop Off at "Casas do Porto - Ribeira Apartments".
    Hiking & Wild Swimming in Waterfalls & Lagoons
    Lunch included: appreciate the quality of local food & wine in a local panoramic restaurant.
    Hiking & Swimming in Blue Well
    Breath and relax in the wild nature.

Smile, you are helping the locals of Gerês to preserve the National Park's nature and culture!

Duration: Full day
Price: It depends on the number of participants
Paiva Walkways

Paiva's walkways follow the path of the river Paiva along 8 km, providing fantastic views and an incredible connection with the nature.

After the pick up at CASAS DO PORTO and 1h30 of drive, you will arrive at the banks of the river Paiva where the adventure begins.

The walk along the river is filled with points of geological, natural and archaeological interest. Includes typical lunch in the region with some of the best specialties.

Location: Rio Paiva
Duration: Full day
Price: It depends on the number of participants