6 Bridges Cruise


Embark on Cais de Gaia or Ribeira and pass through some of the most emblematic places of Porto: D. Luis Bridge; Monastery of Serra do Pilar; Infante Bridge; Dona Maria Pia Bridge; Riverside of Porto; Customs of Porto and the mouth of the Douro River! All of these places make this cruise a unique moment in your discovery of the noble and unconquerable city of Porto. 

Douro Cruises


These cruises sail to the heart of the Alto Douro Wine Region, where you will find most of the estates that produce Port and Douro wine.
The boats leave from Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in the direction of Pinhão, and along the route pass through 3 dams, Crestuma-Lever, Carrapatelo and Bagaúste. It also passes by several locations such as Entre-os-rios, Caldas de Aregos and Peso da Régua. This route lasts a whole day and includes the boat trip and the reverse route by train or bus.

Luxury Cruise – Porto 


Charming boat tour starting from Douro Marina. Discover the mythic city of Porto, its old town by the river, bridges and historic landscapes.

Luxury Cruise - Douro 


Between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, the Douro tour reveals a huge variety of landscapes and shades, showing a narrow connection between the unique geography of the region and the work of man.