Mauritania works as a seafood restaurant and brewery, featuring typical Portuguese dishes and a wide variety of fish and seafood, with emphasis on the fried codfish with tomato rice, the sea bass scaled with rice with greens, the clams, the cod, duck rice in the old Portuguese style, “cabidela” rice, stuffed crab, “açorda de marisco”, lobster rice, among many other specialties.

Address: Rua Brito e Cunha 119, 4450-086 Matosinhos

Ostras & Coisas

Specialized in seafood and fresh fish, Ostras & Coisas brings the freshness of the sea to Porto's downtown.
Oysters are the stars, but there are other things on the menu, such as lobster, lobsters, barnacles, crayfish, mussels, clams, prawns and zamburines from Galicia (a shellfish).


Address: Rua da Fábrica nº73, 4050-247 Porto

Tito II 

Close to the beach, this is one of the best places to eat fresh grilled fish. Friendly staff and good price / quality.

Address: Rua Heróis de França 321, 4450-718 Matosinhos

Marisqueira de Matosinhos

This restaurant has a daily supply of fresh seafood and fish. Raw simplicity are a guaranty of a quiet meal, enjoying what is good. But the meat in traditional dishes from their kitchen and the desserts preferred by many dedicated customers are a certainty for those who visit them. In addition to a full list of wines and beer by the glass.

Address: R. Roberto Ivens 717, 4450-252 Matosinhos, Portugal 

O Terreiro

This restaurant also bets on traditional Portuguese cuisine but facing everything that comes from the sea. Fresh fish and seafood are the specialties of this house on the riverside of Porto.


Address: Largo do Terreiro, 11/12, Porto


The offer is based on grilled fish, which vary only according to what the market offers on a daily basis, which, in this case, is right across the street.
The modern and airy aesthetic is associated with a practical and welcoming sense, as well as a careful and attentive service.


Address: Rua Heróis de França 375, 4450-159 Matosinhos