Adega São Nicolau

Typical house, located in Ribeira, with very well-prepared regional dishes and a good wine list. It has a small terrace with a view over the Douro River. Friendly and personalized staff.

Address: Rua de São Nicolau 1, 4050-561 Porto, Portugal

A Tasquinha 

Since 1975, located in the historical center of the city and near the Faculty of Letters of Porto, this restaurant serves traditional Portuguese food, cooked in its most natural way, with all the wisdom of the oldest customs.

Address: Rua do Carmo, 23, 4050-164 Porto, Portugal

Cantina 32 

It is a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, an original urban decoration and a kitchen with dishes to chop and share, under the responsibility of the Chef Luis.

Address: Rua das Flores 32, 4050-262 Porto

Taberna dos Mercadores 

Different and captivating. In this restaurant, in Porto, the space is reduced, with only four tables. But here is the tradition of good cuisine and a unique experience of communion and sharing among cooks, service and clientele.

Address: Rua dos Mercadores 36, Porto


Located in the historic part of the town, Abadia restaurant was founded in 1939. For many years this restaurant has been known for its excellent traditional meals such as: Roasted Lamb, Trips, Codfish Cakes, among others.

Address: Rua Ateneu Comercial do Porto 22-24, 4000-380 Porto, Portugal

Café Santiago (Francesinha)

Considered one of the top ten sandwiches in the world and one of the top ten flavours of Europe, the Santiago’s Francesinha is now of the largest gastronomic icons of Porto and Portugal. It is at Café Santiago that the Francesinha has its highest level of quality and recognition.

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel 226, 4000-032 Porto

Zé Bota 

This is the place to taste the traditional delicacies of Porto. The space is small and so welcoming, the service attentive and family friendly.

Address: Travessa do Carmo 16, 4440-452 Porto