Café Majestic

Majestic was distinguished by the Ucityguides site as the 6th most beautiful coffee in the world, considering it "the most amazing of all the coffee in the country and one of the most attractive in the world." According to the website, "from the façade to the interior, Café Majestic remains a beautiful venue for cultural events.


Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 112, 4000-442 Porto

Café Moustache – Inglês

The Moustache is a modern, cosmopolitan cafe that will delight any coffee lover and the soothing atmosphere of a coffee shop. The two-floor building overlooking Carlos Alberto Square has been rebuilt so as to create a balance in the duality of the open relationship with the outside and the intimate recollection.


Address:Praça de Carlos Alberto 104, 4050-158 Porto

Café Progresso

It is the oldest coffee in the city of Porto, opened its doors in 1899.
The space is friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is very familiar and conducive to socializing.
It often hosts cultural events.

Address:Rua Actor João Guedes 5, 4050-310 Porto

Leitaria Quinta do Paço

Located in the downtown of Oporto since 1920, the Leitaria Quinta do Paço is an artisan pastry shop that keeps its recipes unchanged from its origin.
It is much sought after by the éclairs stuffed with whipped cream.


Address: Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, 47/51, 4050 -293 Porto

Rota do Chá 

The Rota do Chá came in 2002 from the desire to create a space in the city of Oporto dedicated exclusively to tea.
An area of oriental inspiration, which invites to a moment of tranquility and peace.
The Rota do Chá, for the quantity and quality of teas available, offers a unique experience in Portugal and perhaps in the rest of the world.

Address: Rua Miguel Bombarda 457, Porto 4050-382, Portugal

Nata Lisboa

The brand NATA was born to take the delights of this original Lisbon recipe to the four corners of the planet. To satisfy the desire of so many lovers and to win the appetite of many new admirers.


Address: Rua das Flores, 291, 4050-267 Porto | Portugal